Offering a Hand up not a handout

Create Foundation is a debt information provider to help people get themselves out of financial problems and back into living a normal life free of debt.

Create Foundation provides education about debt and helps people to learn more about the subject, so they can make their own informed decisions when it comes to money.

What we do

We educate people about their finances, loan products, bank accounts and other financial products so they can either get themselves out of debt or learn not to get into debt in the first place.

Why we do what we do

We use this website as a way to teach people more about financial products that are on the market. We don't believe that short term loans should be entirely restricted, or that people shouldn't have a choice about taking out a loan.

We believe that if everyone is better educated in the first place, they will be in a better position to make good financial decisions that will have a positive rather than a negative impact on their futures.

Free from debt


At the core of this is our belief that there is not enough education when it comes to practical finance in our schools, however this is slowly starting to happen. Students are not taught about mortgages, short term loans, credit cards and other financial products that they will have to use when they become adults. This leaves them open to financial problems throughout the course of their lives.

Putting people in a more powerful position

People are often at the mercy of loan companies because they aren't educated enough about their finances. Just the act of looking around for the best loan or credit card, or even speaking to a loan company when a person is in debt can be the difference between severe financial problems and managing debt effectively.

School curriculums in the UK in the past haven't been particularly focused on teaching students practical skills that can can give them an advantage in life when it comes to finances. This is why there is a need for websites like that can provide solid information, just read our finance articles and see what we mean.

The main lenders in the UK in the various short term loan areas such as Wonga in payday loans or Varooma in the logbook loan sector are important for helping educate people when it comes to their finances. These companies are now heavily regulated, and as market leaders they have a responsibility to consumers.

We do understand that it can be unfair to tar these companies with the same brush when many offer flexible payment plans for their customers and they will only take action when debt situations become extremely bad.

Education does not only take the form of informing the consumer, with regulation, the need for educating companies in regards to how best treat customers has become extremely important.

Companies need to understand how to meet regulators requirements, which will ultimately benefit the consumer. Consumers should not have to suffer unnecessarily for the sake of a company making profit.


Businesses should be able to exist that provide financial services, but in a way that actually helps people rather than hinders them. Businesses should not operate in order to solely make money out of people by offering financial services. We believe they should provide a more rounded service when they lend money, where they offer help when a customer needs it and advice if they do run into trouble.

Companies are starting to increasingly operate like this. It helps that there is now a government regulator looking over their shoulder all the time, with severe penalties should they fail to adhere to the rules.